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If you are after some advice on how to fit your radiator- we can help!


We love radiators, especially those which have been fitted in Curved bays.  


Our radiators are really simple to install.  In the packaging will be the wall brackets and a fittings bag containing the bleed vent and end cap (be sure not to throw these way with packaging!)  Depending on the length you choose they come with either 2 or 3 wheel brackets.  The fittings for the valves are also standard 1/2" BSP size- which basically means any radiators valves will happily fit.


The first stage in the fitting process is to remove the packaging from the radiator.  Now place the curved radiator into the bay about 50mm away from the wall.  Using a pencil mark the location of the centres of the brackets on the back of the radiator onto the wall. Carefully move the radiator out of the way and using a spirit level draw vertical lines onto the wall using the marks made in the previous step as a guide.  After deciding on the height you would like the radiator to be mounted, using the wall brackets as guid mark the locations for the fixings.  Fix the wall brackets using suitable fixings (not supplied), ensuring that the brackets are secure.  For the next step it may be handy to have an extra pair of hands to lift and hang the radiator onto the wall brackets. Finally the bleed vent, end cap and your valves, connecting to the existing heating pipework.  Fill the system with water along with the correct concentration of corrosion inhibitor. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your beautiful radiator in your bay.