How to measure for a Curved Bay window Radiator

This is THE most common question people ask when it comes to fitting a radiator in a bay window.  It is in fact very simple using our straightforward 3 step process.

All you need is a tape measure, a piece of paper and a pen to write down just three measurements. Please take the measurements for the WHOLE bay- not just the area you would like the radiator to go. 


Step 1: Measure the straight line measurement across the mouth of the bay

How to measure for a radiator in bay window


Step 2: From the centre of Measurement 1, measure to the deepest part of the bay

Measure up for bay window radiator


Step 3: Measure the total length of the curved wall in the bay

Easy bay radiator measurement steps


Step 4: Decide on the size of the radiator you would like (height and length).  Just make sure you leave enough space for your valves on the end of the radiator.  For example if the total curved bay wall is 2500mm, take off 300mm and that is the longest radiator you can have- in this case 2200mm.  You can of course go for something shorter if you wanted.

Step 5: Order your radiator through our website. Just enter the measurements during the ordering process and we'll take car of the rest.