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Why a Curved Radiator?

Well a Curved Radiator in your bay frees up valuable space in your room that you can use for other stuff. (Ever tried staying warm with a huge sofa in front of a radiator on a flat wall?) It is also a fantastic way of saving energy as the radiator is in the coldest area of the room under the window and works more efficiently!


Where do I get the brackets from?

We supply them- FREE with the radiator- along with the end cap and bleed vent!


Someone told me you can't get them any more?

Not so- we have supplied thousands!


But I thought they were REALLY expensive?

Again - not so- just check out our great prices!


How do you get the shape of the curve right?

Our technical people are wizards with bays- after you order we send an email requesting a few simple measurements. Send these back to us and we'll take care of the rest!


But what if I get the measurements wrong?

Don't worry! We guarantee your radiator will fit your bay. If not we'll redo it free of charge (how ever many times it takes)


What about delivery?

As we make our radiators especially it takes us a bit of time to make them- around 3-4 weeks from us accepting your measurements to delivery.


Will I have to paint my curved radiator when I receive it?

No.  Our bay radiators are delivered fully painted and are ready to fit straight out of the packaging.


What colour are the radiators?

Our radiators are finished in white- and look great!


Anything else I should know?

Nope! Just order and enjoy your beautiful bespoke curved bay window radiator from ! If you need some hints on how to fit the radiator, you'll find them here.